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The Canary and the Wolverine (DCU/Marvel crossover)

This was written for dcmarvelthon and I've only just now gotten around to posting it here. Whoops.

Title: The Canary and the Wolverine
Author: Kelly
Prompt: Black Canary(Dinah Lance)/Wolverine(Logan), Costumes
Rating: PG
Word count: 2940
Disclaimer: I don't own em. I'll give them back when I'm done, I promise!
Warnings: (if any)
Author's notes: (if any) I have other parts in mind and hopefully will get to expanding the story. This was pretty difficult, as I have never written either character, so I apologize if I wasn't as true to the characters as a better-qualified writer would have been.

Also, takes place a year after Oliver Queen's death, so after the events of the longbow hunters, and after Jean Grey's most recent death at the hands of Xorn/Magneto and is not completely true to any timeline of events. But it's a crossover so what do you expect? :)

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