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Harry/Ginny: Winter

Christmas Past and Present (Harry Potter, HG Seasons fest entry)

Title: Christmas Past and Present
Author: crooked_halo
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: G
Word Count: 1700
Summary: The Christmas after the final battle, Harry tells Ginny about his experiences with Godric's Hollow and Ginny schemes to make Harry's Christmas a little brighter.

Author's Notes: This was written for hg_seasonsfest for grandma_kate, who requested fluffy romance and Ginny's reaction to Harry telling her about Christmas at Godric's Hollow the previous year and what she does to make this Christmas and future Christmases memorable. Very fun prompts, and I really enjoyed writing this.

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Harry/Ginny: Winter

The White Sundress (Harry Potter, H/G)

Title: The White Sundress
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: Squeaky Clean G :)
Word Count: 2500
Summary: Three summers in the life of Harry and Ginny, spread
out over 2.5 decades.

Author's Notes: This was fordorotdsz as a part of hg_seasonsfest (summer was the season) and I highly recommend checking out the whole community, because there was some lovely fic and art that came from it. Her requested general elements were: next generation, jealous Harry(with fluff and no angst), Harry, Ginny at parenting. and requested summer elements: sun-dress, hat. I was super-nervous about this one, since it was a gift for someone, but the prompts really just inspired me, considering that my husband and I just had our first baby (a girl) in January. So this was sort of my way of channeling that amazing real life experience into how a couple would change over the years, and after a few children. As a result, I would have to say I'm very personally attached to this story, even more than usual.

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Harry/Ginny: Winter

Stocking Stuffer #2: Stocking Stuffers and Cheese Sandwiches

Dedicated to wildmagelet May you have a very Harry Christmas! lol
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry and Ginny
Summary: Harry's first Christmas after the defeat of Voldemort didn't feel much like Christmas, until... Prompts are 'stocking stuffers' and 'cheese sandwiches.'

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hearts on the beach

The question

Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Bill, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley
Summary: Inspired by this art by reallycorking, whose art is fantastic! I think the picture says it all, so you might want to wait to look until afterwards. Basically, fluffiness. Oh, and this art also fits very well and is also by reallycorking
Pairings: H/G, implied R/Hr and B/F
Timeline: a few years after DH
Status: really rough, drabble

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